What's New in CMSi v3.12

In addition to the following new features and bug fixes, v3.12 includes a new, more user-friendly version of the installer.


  • Agreements and Annual Projects
    • It is now possible to link Agreements from one site to another
    • When copying an Agreement or Annual Project, you can now choose whether you would like to receive a warning when the original Agreement or Annual Project is linked to geometry which is not current
  • Projects and Annual Projects
    • On the Projects Tree, there is now an option to Show Finished Projects. By default, Finished Projects are not shown in the tree, unless this option is selected
    • When adding mapping to Projects and Annual Projects, there is now another option to add Compartments filtered by Feature
  • Heritage/Assets
    • A Copy Record button has been added in to the header toolbar of the Heritage and Assets forms. This is similar to the copy tool that already existed in the Annual Projects form
    • It is now possible to bulk import Objects from a shapefile using a tool in MyCMSi 
  • Compartments 
    • A new Projects tab has been added to the Compartment form. This shows a list of all Projects and Annual Projects linked to this Compartment
  • Land Edits
    • Improvements have been made to the Land Edits form, including being able to combine the details of more than one Parcel at a time on the attribute selector when processing merges or splits. You can also select more than one parcel at a time on the Split To and Merge From grids
  • ObsVeg
    • It is now possible to select multiple Observations from an Observation Set and display them on the Map
    • GIS Reports now only publish Layers that have "values" for Observations e.g. Point, Line or Polygon
    • New standards for Vegetation classification:
      • There have been updates in the Dutch vegetation classification hierarchy and import functionality for Observations from TurboVeg and Vegtation Maps


  • The behaviour of the Lookup Management tool has been changed so that not only are all forms closed when the manager is opened, but also that it subsequently closes when forms are opened afterwards
  • The different characters accepted when creating new Site Codes used to be inconsistent, depending on whether you were using the Add Site From form, the Change Site Code tool or right clicking a Site and selecting the option Add Site. The options are now consistent with one another and only lower and uppercase letters, numbers and hyphen and underscores are allowed
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